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Following more of an American classic tobacco, this thicker edge tobacco vape with a hint of marshmallow and graham cracker will leave you wanting more. Created with a MTL hit in mind, this is a vape you need to try. A vape that stands out from the crowd, this smooth yet satisfying blend has positive feedback from anyone who has ever tried it. EVAPSE – Premium E-Liquid – CIGERELLO – 60ML

This product is the twin sibling of our best seller Smoothacco.  Cigerello has similar characteristics as Smoothacco, but it also stands out on its own.  With a more defined inhale, you can taste the flavour of the tobacco plant, along with the graham cracker on every pull.  On the exhale, you will be greeted with a similar taste of marshmallow, being cooked over a bon fire during summer.  Cigerello has gained a cult following by having lots of consistent customers who swear this to be one of their favorite e juice’s ever created.  Its one of a kind flavor is categorized as a tobacco, but non tobacco users agree that this is a product they fully enjoy and continue to use as a regular, all day e juice.

We only use top quality ingredients and flavors. Not all e juice is created the same, and after you try our products you can taste the real difference between a regular e juice and a premium e juice. We have achieved this by not only using top quality flavor ingredients, but also only using the highest pharmaceutical grade nicotine that is available in the market. Our pharmaceutical grade nicotine is produced in a Canadian GMP facility and it is FDA and Health Canada approved.  This is in addition to all our e juice being manufactured in an ISO Class 7 Clean Room (Air Quality Standards), Bottled in an ISO Class 8 Environment, and produced to ISO 9001:2015 Standard.  Taste the difference. The Canadian Standard.

Freebase Nicotine, what is it?

Freebase nicotine is generally the most common form of nicotine found in e juice products.  Freebase nicotine is the purest form of nic, and can be absorbed through our systems quickly and efficiently.  With freebase nicotine, generally, the higher strength of nicotine, will produce a harsher experience.  Freebase nicotine is ideal for a MTL (mouth to lung) kit, Sub ohm kit, pen kit and any starter kit that is available in our product section.  We at Evapse have narrowed our products down to a 3mg of nicotine and 6mg of nicotine.  If you enjoy sub ohm or were a light smoker, the 3mg would suit you best, where the 6mg of nicotine produces a satisfying hit with every pull.

Why buy our e juice?

  • Full compliance with Health Canada standards
  • Excellent customer service.  We will answer your questions!
  • We back our products.  Have an issue? let us hear it, we will try and come up with a solution
  • Automatic deliveries available.  Don’t want to run out of your go to juice? let us set you up on a bi weekly or monthly auto juice plan
  • Rural locations.  We ship with Canada Post for our e juice.  If you have an address or PO box, we’ll be able to deliver to you
  • Timely delivery.  We try our best to ship our juice out the same day or next business day
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